Fawri+, Fawri and Fawateer are online payment services introduced under the Electronic Funds Transfer System (EFTS) in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Through Fawri+, a bank customer (of a participating bank) can make Account-to-Account fund transfers in BHD, in near real time, to a customer of another participating bank. Fawri service allows payments that are processed as a batch and Fawateer facilitates electronic bill presentment and payment.

Fawri+, Fawri & Fawateer services allow you to complete most of your payment transactions conveniently, in a secure and cost-effective manner compared to traditional channels. Most importantly, Fawri+ transactions enable almost immediate transfers (in BHD) along with SMS confirmations to both the transferring customer as well as the beneficiary.

These services can be accessed through the Citibank Online Banking or through the Bank’s branch.