We regret to inform you that with effect from 30th June 2022, Citibank Global Transfer services will no longer be available to Citibank Bahrain customers.

Citibank Global Transfers (CGT) is the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective way to send and receive money to and from Citibank personal accounts globally.

  • Funds transfer is effected immediately, as compared to a standard telex transfer
  • All transfers are free of charge
  • Citibank account holders can transfer a maximum of USD 250,000 per day through Citi Global transfers
  • Easily accessible through your Citibank Online account

In order to comply with the regulatory requirements in India, transfers to Citi India via Citibank Online Bahrain have been updated as of 1st February 2016.

  • For transfers to Non-Resident Indian accounts in Citi India, you can use either "Transfer to another Citibank Personal Account outside Bahrain" or "Foreign Currency transfer (to an account in, or outside Bahrain)".
  • For transfers to domestic accounts in Citi India, please use "Foreign Currency transfer (to an account in, or outside Bahrain)".

Please note: We have updated the list of countries for Citibank Global Transfers, you can view the list of countries under the Country List tab.