The Citi Mobile® App

Designed with you in mind

Do more with just one app.

A simpler, faster and safer way of banking is here.

We’ve been working hard on making the new Citi Mobile® App more than just an update. Beyond a refreshed look, you’ll now have
greater flexibility at your fingertips, with personalised views and new features designed for you to spend less time on it.

Everything at a glance

Everything at a glance

Quick account updates

Review all your account activities and get to your favourite functions, faster.

Manage cards easily

Get instant access from the dashboard to activate your card, reset PIN and more.

Timely reminders

Stay informed of actions you need to take with our reminders.

Fuss-free and simple

Fuss-free and simple

Citibank Global Wallet - Add foreign currencies in just one tap. Spend overseas or shop online with your debit card and avoid fees when you exchange currency on your app.

Financial freedom in a few taps

Pay later – Quickly view and convert your credit card purchases into fixed monthly instalments with just one tap.

Financial freedom in a few taps

Other features for your banking needs

Other features for your banking needs

Quick Cash

Instant cash from your credit card, on your terms

Citi World Privileges

Get deals and discounts locally and in 95 other countries

Activate Your Card

Activate your new card in less then one minute

Citi Mobile® Token

Authenticate your transactions securely with ease

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