Please note that the below mentioned complaint handling process is applicable only to complaints or queries raised by customers of Citibank, N.A., Bahrain Branch ("Citi Bahrain") regarding Citi Bahrain products, services or offers. Citi Bahrain shall not be responsible for handling any complaints or queries raised by customers of Citibank N.A. branches outside of Bahrain or any other Citigroup entities.

At Citibank, we endeavor to provide a world-class level of service through a continuous process of staff training and improvement in our processes. Whilst we are grateful for your positive feedback with regards to our standards of service, it is equally important for us to welcome any concerns you may have with regards to the service provided by our bank. This will help us in further improving our existing standards.

In this regard, we are detailing below the various channels through which you may register your concerns as well as any suggestions that you may have about the service level you expect from Citibank:

Channels available for raising concerns:

  1. You may call our 24-hour CitiPhone Service at +973 1758 2484 (CITI).
  2. You may visit our website (please go to the link: "Complaint & Feedback")
  3. Write to our Customer Complaints Officer, Noor Abul at e-mail: or telephone +973 1758 8370. An easy to use complaints handling guide is available upon request.
  4. Escalations can either be raised through the web link provided under point # 2 above or you may write to the Consumer Business Head for Bahrain – Mr. Christoph Geidner at or by telephone at +973 175 88333.
  5. If you are not satisfied with the response received, you can direct the matter to Mr. Vipul Modi, Compliance Officer at or by telephone at +973 1758 8351. Our Compliance Officer will review your complaint and provide you with an appropriate response along with the various options that are available to you to pursue the matter further within Citibank.
  6. Should you not be satisfied with the resolution provided by the Bank, you can forward the complaint to the Consumer Protection Unit at the Central Bank of Bahrain within 30 calendar days from the date of receiving the letter.

What you should expect from us:

  1. An acknowledgement within 5 days of receipt of your concern/ complaint and name of the person handling your concern/ complaint.
  2. A comprehensive investigation into the concern/complaint raised.
  3. An interim update letter should your concern/complaint not be resolved within 4 weeks of receipt of your complaint.
  4. A final closure letter addressing your concern/complaint.

Thanking you,
Customer Service
Citibank, N.A. Bahrain
Licensed by CBB as a Conventional Retail and Wholesale Bank