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Cash for Points/ Miles:

At any time you can redeem your ThankYou® Points to pay for any travel related spend, such as air tickets, cruises, hotel stays or any other travel related spend, charged to your Citi Premier / Citi Rewards Credit Card within the last 60 days.

All you need is 10,000 ThankYou® Points / Citi Miles for a BHD 50 statement credit on any travel related purchase.

Simply follow the three steps below, provide your personal, card and transaction details.

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Please ensure that you have enough ThankYou® Points for the redemption. If you want to find out your ThankYou® Points balance, please call on our 24-hour CitiPhone Banking Service on +973 1758 2484. Transaction details will be listed on Citibank Online in your Citi Credit Card account section shortly after you have conducted the purchase.

Please note that the statement credit will be credited to your Account within 5 working days after your redemption was received. Please read the terms and conditions of the Cash for Points feature and confirm your acceptance and accuracy of the information provided by clicking the button below.

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