You can play complimentary golf if you have any of these Citi Cards. Click on your card image to see the offer details.
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Global Golf

Your Citibank Ultimate Credit Card is associated with one of the finest golf courses in Bahrain and will ensure unforgettable golfing memories. You can enjoy 1 free round of golf once per month at any time during the week (including weekends). It is best if you reserve 4 to 5 working days before the date of play.


You can play at The Royal Golf Club


To reserve a complimentary round of golf, please complete and submit the 'Citibank Bahrain Golf Tee Time Reservation Form' and you will receive an e-mail to confirm your booking within 3 days.


You can cancel or alter your reservation within 3 working days before the date of play. Please note that the round of golf offered is free only if availed at the reserved time and date. No show at the club on the reserved date and time will result in an irreversible charge of the applicable green fee that will be billed to your Citi Credit Card. To change or cancel your reservation, please email details on


Citi Credit Card monthly interest rate 2.99%, annualized interest rate 35.88%.

1. If accompanying guest is not an eligible Citibank Credit Card member or Citigold Customer, a best available rate will be offered to be paid at the golf course on the date of play using Citibank Credit Card. No compulsory paying guest is required.
2. Customer to pay cart fee, caddie fee, insurance and locker fee at normal published rates at the club where applicable using Citibank Credit Card.
3. Customer to present their Citibank Credit Card at the check-in desk on the day of play at the clubhouse
4. No shows will be charged as per the members guest rate and will be billed to your Citi Credit Card
5. You can cancel or alter your reservation 3 working days before the date of play, please email details on
6. Please ensure that you spend at least BHD 500 each month to be eligible for this offer.
7. The Citibank Bahrain golf program is not to be regarded as a golf club membership.
8. A club member cannot make a booking directly at the club and transfer the confirmed tee-time over to the basic Credit Cardmember.
9. To the fullest extent permissible by law, each participating basic (primary) Credit Cardmember releases Citibank / the respective golf clubs from any claim, loss, damage, cost or expenses (including any claim for legal expenses) sustained or incurred by him/her in connection with their participation in the Citibank Bahrain golf program.
10. Citibank and Partner Terms and Conditions apply and are subject to change without prior notice. All offers are made available on a best-effort basis and at the sole discretion of Citibank, N.A. Citibank, N.A. makes no warranties and assumes no liability or responsibility with respect to the products and services provided by partner(s)/other entity(ies).