Your Citibank Credit Card now comes with contactless technology, for more convenient transactions. Contactless transactions are payment transactions that don't require physical contact between your credit card and the merchant's terminal, thus allowing you to make payments faster and easier as well as reducing the need for you to carry cash.

The Citi Premier and Citi Rewards Credit Cards can be used for contactless transactions anywhere the contactless symbol is visible for all transactions up to BHD 20*. So wave goodbye to cash and say hello to fast, easy and safe payments!


How do I make a contactless transaction?

1. Look for this symbol on the merchant's terminal.

2. Hold your Citibank credit card in front of the contactless reader. The terminal will indicate that the transaction has been processed successfully.

3. Collect your items and go. If you need a receipt, just ask for it.

What are the benefits of using my Citibank Contactless credit card?

  • Increased convenience: transactions are easier for both the cardmember and the merchant, meaning faster transactions and shorter queues.
  • Enhanced security: transactions are processed under a safe and advanced technologically protocol. From time to time you may be asked to enter your PIN.**
  • Rewards: you continue to accumulate miles/points and benefit from your card rewards (where applicable) even on small transaction amounts that you would have normally paid for in cash.
  • Less wear and tear: the card does not come into physical contact with the terminal through inserting or swiping.
  • An exciting experience: you are no longer constrained by the amount of cash in hand and unlike cash, you may track spending habits on low-value purchases.

**A contactless payment can be rejected ay any POS terminal and instead the cardmember may be required to perform the transaction using the PIN.


Citi Credit Card monthly interest rate 2.99%, annualized interest rate 35.88%.

*The limit can be changed at any time by the associations and/or the merchant's acquiring bank and pertains to transactions made in the Kingdom of Bahrain. In other countries, the limit might be set differently according to the rules in force. Transactions for amounts above these limits will be completed using your PIN. **A contactless payment can be rejected at any POS terminal and instead the cardmember may be required to perform the transaction using the PIN.