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Merchant Name Tenor (months) Minimum Purchase Amount (BHD) Product Specification for 0% Purchase Plan
100 All Transactions
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I acknowledge that the information provided above is correct and is to be used for converting my purchase to 0% Easy Installments Plan (EIP). I agree and acknowledge the purchases made and the request for converting to EIP is subject to terms and conditions of the Easy Installment Plan. Citibank Terms and Conditions apply, are subject to change and are available upon request and on the Citibank website All offers are made available on a best effort basis and at the sole discretion of Citibank N.A Bahrain. Citibank N.A Bahrain. makes no warranties and assumes no liability or responsibility with respect to the products and services provided by partner(s)/other entity(ies). The above instruction will be processed at 0% interest with 2% processing fee as mentioned in the Schedule of Fees & Charges to my above mentioned Credit Card.
I understand that I may, at any point of time opt out of the EIP, In such a case, I understand that I will need to make payment of the full outstanding amount of the EIP transaction, together with the Minimum Balance due each month on my credit card. EIP cancellation charges shall also apply

Terms & Conditions: Approval and booking of the Easy Installment Plan is subject to eligibility criteria

Citi Credit Card monthly interest rate 2.99%, annualized interest rate 35.88%.

Citibank N.A Bahrain branch is licensed by the Central Bank of Bahrain as a Conventional Retail and Wholesale Bank