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Make the best of being home with fee-free online shopping.

Stay safe and save with Citibank Global Wallet.

With the feature turned on, shop on international websites using your Citibank Debit Mastercard® and pay zero foreign transaction or currency conversion fees. You can also lock in FX rates when they are favourable - giving you an even better deal at the checkout.

4 currencies in 1 Debit Mastercard

Spend in the local currency overseas and shop online globally like never before.

Turn on your Citibank Global Wallet

today to enjoy these benefits:

  • Currency conversion

    Avoid currency conversion charges and transaction processing fees.

  • Debit card

    Automatically switch your debit card to the currency you are transacting in.

  • Worldwide

    Enjoy fee-free withdrawals at Citi ATMs worldwide.

Take control of your global spending

All on your Citi Mobile® App

With just one click, turn on Citibank Global Wallet and
add foreign currency accounts so you can transact
in up to 4 currencies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Citibank Global Wallet?

Citibank Global Wallet is a new feature linked to your Citibank Debit Mastercard, which allows you to make purchases overseas at point-of-sale or online, and withdraw cash from Citi proprietary ATMs without incurring additional foreign currency conversion fees and administration fees. You can access up to 3 currencies with this new feature.

For example, with Citibank Global Wallet turned on, if you are travelling to UK and have a GBP currency Account with us, any GBP transactions or cash withdrawals will be debited directly from your GBP foreign Currency Account at no additional conversion fees.

How can I benefit from Citibank Global Wallet?

Citibank Global Wallet is beneficial when you are:

  • Travelling overseas for holidays, family visits or work.
  • Making online purchases from international websites.
  • You can save on additional foreign currency conversion fees and administration fees.
How many foreign currencies can I transact in?

You can transact in 3 foreign currency accounts: Euro, Sterling Pound, and US Dollar.

If you are an existing bank account holder, you can turn on Citibank Global Wallet by using Citi Mobile® App. Once it is turned on, your Citibank Global Wallet will be automatically linked to all your foreign currency accounts.

Will foreign currency transactions be debited directly from my foreign currency accounts automatically?

Yes, once you have turned on Citibank Global Wallet, your point-of-sale/online transactions and overseas ATM cash withdrawals will be automatically debited from your foreign currency account as long as there is sufficient balance.

Is there any minimum deposit required to turn on Citibank Global Wallet?

No, Citibank Global Wallet does not require any minimum deposit for your accounts to be linked to your Citibank Debit Mastercard. Simply turn it on using Citi Mobile® App to get started.

Are there any charges or transaction fees when using Citibank Global Wallet?

There are no third party or international transaction fees when utilizing your Citibank Global Wallet feature at point-of-sale or online shopping. There will also not be any foreign exchange conversion fees and withdrawal fees at any Citi proprietary ATMs worldwide or when you transfer funds to another Citibank account.
Please note that even after you have linked your Citibank Debit Mastercard to your Citibank Global Wallet, you may still be given an option for currency conversion during ATM cash withdrawals or POS transactions due to the Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) process imposed by other banks on overseas transactions. You should reject currency conversion options to avoid incurring additional fees/charges.

DCC is a service that may be offered by a Merchant or Acquirer that enables a Cardholder – when travelling abroad or making a transaction that is not in their home currency (i.e BHD) – to choose whether their transaction should be completed in either the local currency or their home currency (i.e BHD). If home currency is selected, you will incur a Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) fee charged by the Acquirer with the foreign currency cash withdrawal debited from your Primary account.

Who can use Citibank Global Wallet?

As long as you hold a Citibank Debit Mastercard, you are eligible to use Citibank Global Wallet.

Which foreign currency accounts can be linked to Citibank Global Wallet?

You can link your foreign currency savings accounts to Citibank Global Wallet. If you have multiple accounts in the same foreign currency, please pick one during enrolment. Once you turn on Citibank Global Wallet, the selected foreign currency accounts will be enrolled for Citibank Global Wallet.

What should I do if I want to switch to another currency account?

You may visit "Global Currency" in "Profile & Settings" to turn off Citibank Global Wallet and then turn it back on. You will be given another chance to select the currency accounts.

How can I add new foreign currency to Citibank Global Wallet?

Very simple! Just tap "+" under "Citibank Global Wallet", select a currency, and then you can add a new foreign currency account to Citibank Global Wallet. You can exchange the foreign currency whenever you find the rates favorable.

Should I buy foreign currencies only after turning on Citibank Global Wallet?

You may buy foreign currencies even before turning on Citibank Global Wallet. The service enrolment does not necessarily precede currency exchange.

Do I need to turn off Citibank Global Wallet after traveling?

You do not need to turn off Citibank Global Wallet after traveling. When you spend or withdraw US Dollar, the default US Dollar account will be debited when Citibank Global Wallet is enabled.

Do I need to manually select the foreign currency account each time when I transact in a different currency?

No, your debit card will automatically choose the right currency for you by matching the currency of the transaction or the withdrawal against the currency of the account. You do not need to switch between accounts of different currencies manually.

What happens if I have turned on Citibank Global Wallet and there are insufficient funds in my foreign currency account when making an overseas spending transaction or ATM cash withdrawal?

The transaction or withdrawal will be processed from your primary account if you have insufficient funds in the foreign currency account. You can buy foreign currencies via the Citi Mobile® App immediately and make the transaction or withdrawal again. Remember to prepare sufficient funds in your foreign currency account before traveling or shopping!

What happens if my foreign currency account is blocked at the time of transaction or withdrawal?

The transaction or withdrawal will be defaulted to the primary account to proceed the transaction or withdrawal (but exchange spread, as applied by Citibank Bahrain at the time of processing, shall apply).

What happens if I transact in or withdraw a foreign currency that Citibank Global Wallet does not support?

Your primary account will be debited. Exchange rates, as applied by Citibank Bahrain at the time of processing, shall apply.

If the overseas merchant or ATM gives me the option of settling the transaction or withdrawal in foreign currency or local currency, which option should I pick?

If you want to complete the transaction or withdrawal through Citibank Global Wallet, you should choose to settle in foreign currency. If you choose to settle in local currency, the merchant or ATM operator will use its exchange rate to convert the foreign currency transaction or withdrawal to local currency. You will not be able to use Citibank Global Wallet for Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) transactions, and your default primary account will be debited instead.

I have turned on Citibank Global Wallet. Why is my default local currency account debited when I make an overseas spending transaction or ATM withdrawal?

If the merchant does not obtain authorization for an overseas spending transaction, or if you withdraw cash during system downtimes, your default primary account may be debited.

Which account should I select on the overseas ATM’s screen during an overseas cash withdrawal?

Some overseas ATMs may give you the option of choosing which account to withdraw cash from. On such screens, no matter which account type you select, (default account, savings account, or checking/currency account), the withdrawal will be processed from the foreign currency account linked to Citibank Global Wallet.

How will the refund of an overseas spending transaction be handled?

When processing the refund, we will endeavor to credit the refund to the foreign currency account debited for the original transaction if the merchant using the same trace number made the refund and/or authorization code of the original transaction so that we are able to trace the original account details. If, however for any reason, we are unable to refund to the original foreign currency account, the refund will be credited to the default primary account, which may be different from the currency of the original foreign currency account. If Citibank Global Wallet is turned off or unavailable at the time of refund processing, currency conversion may be involved and you may suffer an exchange loss as a result.

Is it really free for overseas spending transactions or ATM cash withdrawals made through Citibank Global Wallet?

Citi does not charge any handling fee for overseas spending transactions or ATM cash withdrawals made through Citibank Global Wallet. However, some overseas ATM operators may levy a surcharge in which your relevant foreign currency account will be debited to settle the surcharge.

Is there a transaction limit for overseas spending transactions made through Citibank Global Wallet?

Overseas and local spending transactions share the same set of transaction limits, including the point-of-sale transaction limit and the online purchase limit. You may visit "Change transaction limit" in "My profile" on Citibank Online to check and change the limits anytime you want.

How can I check the transactions or withdrawals made through Citibank Global Wallet?

You can easily keep track of all your transactions or withdrawals performed by accessing the Citi Mobile® App or Citibank Online, or by viewing your monthly statement.